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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

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The Opportunity Growth Center (The OGC) currently offers a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) that provides rehabilitative support to therapeutic interventions. Our staff works together with adults, youth, and their families to provide support and guidance in the areas of life skills, coping skills, team building, entitlement support, and advocacy.

  • All participants MUST be enrolled in MEDICAID
  • All participants MUST be participating in therapy (The OGC partners with local OMHCs and can refer interested participants to a Maryland Licensed Mental Health Therapist)
  • All adult (ages 18 +) participants MUST have a DSM-5 diagnosis that falls under the Priory Population Criteria

  • All youth (ages 5-17) MUST have a DSM-5 diagnosis
  • All participants CANNOT be receiving similar services in other programs

Each PRP session will cover the following areas:

Social Skills

Social conflict resolution, problem-solving techniques, communication of thoughts and feelings, learning appropriate boundaries, bonding and relationships, social setting etiquette, understanding empathy, compassion, and charity with self and others, learning to share compromise, and negotiate.


Completing a job search, developing a resume, preparing for, and practicing job interviews, how to maintain employment, how to change jobs.

Self-Administration & Management of Medication

Self-administers prescribed medication, support proper maintenance of prescribed medication, learning and understanding role and effects of medication symptom management, advocacy with reporting complications with medications with psychiatrist or authority agencies.

Self-Care Skills

Personal hygiene and grooming, bathroom/restroom management and etiquette, housekeeping, and domestic organization. Maintaining the living environment, developing proper sleeping, and waking habits.

Academic Achievement/Educational & Vocational Skills

Assisting with enrollment in an educational or vocational program, educational and/or vocational plan development, coping, and self-management skills within educational or vocational settings, identifying realistic and appropriate educational and vocational goals, regular attendance in educational or vocational settings, strategies for mitigating disabilities in vocational/educational settings.


Searching for housing options, applying for housing and or housing entitlements, understanding of legal rights of landlords and tenants, understanding of household roles.

Mobility & Transportation

Learning how to find destinations by following directions and using landmarks, techniques for crossing streets, using public transportation.

Independent Living skills

Obtaining documents necessary for adulthood, preparing nutritious meals, knowledge of community surroundings, knowledge of community resources, acquisition of Entitlements and public resource resources, money management skills, goal-setting, and decision-making skills

Health Promotion & Training

Activities that support nutrition and exercise, health self-awareness and self-management, stress management.

Promotion of Individual Wellness Self-Management & Recovery

Managing overall wellness, identifying diagnostic onset, symptoms, and warning signs, linkages to people, and resources to support

Social Relationships/Leisure Activities/Cultural Interests

Promote the formation of friendships, promotion of positive and appropriate peer interaction skills, facilitating social interactions, and building meaningful relationships, exploring age-appropriate activities and interests related to potential growth, skills for coping and interacting with authority figures.

Maryland Licensed Mental Health Professional must submit a completed referral and email it to:  prpreferrals@theogc.org